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Welcome to CSSS 508: Introduction to R for Social Scientists

University of Washington, Spring 2016

Instructor: Rebecca Ferrell, PhD student, UW Statistics

Canvas page for course (enrolled students only)

Helpful resources: Weekly lecture notes and links:
  1. Slides for week 1: Course logistics, R/RStudio, making R Markdown documents
  2. Slides for week 2: plotting with ggplot2
  3. Slides for week 3: manipulating and summarizing data with dplyr
  4. Slides for week 4: R data structures
  5. Slides for week 5: data import, export, and cleaning with readr, tidyr, and lubridate
  6. Slides for week 6: looping with for loops
    • R code in week 6 slides
    • Homework: read this demonstration on using loops to download and import data, and how to fix errors along the way. I suggest you try to follow along at home with the code in the associated .Rmd file (though you will need to change some filepaths to reference directories on your own computer).
  7. Slides for week 7: vectorization, functions, and function-centric ways to loop
  8. Slides for week 8: functions to work with strings and character data
  9. Slides for week 9: mapping and labels in ggplot2
  10. Slides for week 10: web scraping and text mining